Classified Ad Requirements

Please read and understand these conditions before placing your classified ad on this web site and in Boston Bimmer, the newsletter of the Boston Chapter.

Boston Chapter Membership

You must be a member of the Boston Chapter BMW CCA to place a free classified ad. There are no exceptions. Your ad must offer cars or parts for sale that are your personal property. You cannot place and ad for someone else.

  • If you are not a BMW CCA member, you can join BMW CCA for $48 per year. The BMW parts discount alone makes it worth it!  Read more about joining and the benefits of being a BMW CCA member.
  • If you are a member of BMW CCA but not the Boston Chapter, you can join the Boston Chapter and keep your current chapter membership. Just call the National Office at (864) 250-0022 and have your credit card ready.


The deadline for classified ad submission is one minute after midnight on the 1st of the month prior to the next issue date. There are no exceptions for late ads. Ads submitted online will be reviewed for content approval prior to appearing on the site.

The Boston Bimmer is published 4 times per year. The deadline for the January/February issue is the 1st of December, and the deadline for the November/December issue is the 1st of October.


If your ad is accepted, it will run in the next issue of the Boston Bimmer and on this web site. Your online ad will expire after 30 days. You can log into your account to manage your ads. Please cancel or remove your ad when your item is no longer available for sale.

Required Information

You must include your full name and your BMW CCA membership number with your ad. Your Boston Chapter BMW CCA membership number is printed at the top of your mailing label for the Boston Bimmer and for the Roundel.

Your ad must include all of the required information. Failure to include all of the required information will cause your ad to be rejected. If your ad is rejected, you will be notified by email.

Each type of ad is required to have certain minimum information. The required information is different for each type of ad.

  • Cars For Sale and Motorcycles For Sale ads must be formatted so that the first sentence is a summary of the car. This summary is of the following form: (year) (make) (model) (VIN number), (exterior color), (interior color).
    • The year must be a four digit integer which specifies the year of manufacture.
    • The make is omitted for BMWs and is required to be in mixed case for non-BMWs.
    • The VIN is comprised of numbers and upper case letters.
    • The model, exterior color and interior color are mixed case text.
    • The rest of the ad includes general information about the car. This information must contain two required items: a contact name, and a telephone number and/or email address.
    • The email address in the ad text must match the email address specified in the classified ad request form.
    • If the year, model, VIN, or color are missing then the ad will be rejected
    • If you do not wish to include all of this information, you may list your car under parts for sale.
  • Cars Wanted and Motorcycles Wanted ads must include: desired make/model/year, contact name, telephone number and/or email address.
  • Parts For Sale ads must include: parts description, contact name, telephone number and/or email address.
  • Parts Wanted ads must include: parts wanted, contact name, telephone number and/or email address.

Copy Editing and Errors

The Boston Bimmer cannot be responsible for errors in advertising caused by unclear or unreadable advertising.

The Boston Bimmer reserves the right to reject and/or edit any classified ads.

The Classified Ad Editor (CAE) is responsible for approving the format of ads. Any ad that is too hard to edit may be rejected by the CAE. The CAE uses the following guidelines when editing classified ads.

  • If any required information is missing from the ad, it will be rejected.
  • The advertising text will be edited to ensure clarity and read easily. The CAE will replace things like “5-spd” with “5 speed”. Clumsy sentence structure will be repaired by the CAE. Abbreviations which could be misunderstood or are hard to read are expanded by the CAE. When punctuation is used where a word should be used (+, &, @), the punctuation will be replaced by the word (plus, and, at). Whole dollar amounts are shown without the .00 (so that $15.00 becomes $15). Obvious spelling errors will be corrected.
  • The first two words in the classified ad text will be bolded by the classified ad system. In the case of a car for sale ad, the first two words will be the year and model (BMWs) or year and make (non-BMWs).
  • The ads must be entered in mixed case (upper and lower case). All uppercase or lowercase ads will be rejected (or edited by the CAE).
  • Only one punctuation character is used per sentence, multiple punctuation characters are removed by the CAE.
  • The telephone number must be in the form (111) 222-3333. There are no spaces inside the parenthesis and there is exactly one space after the parenthesis. The exchange and number must be separated by a dash character.
  • The email address must be all lower case characters.

Classified Ad Submission

Classified ads are managed in the Marketplace area of our website, under Local Classifieds.